Kyoto Cabinet
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
kccachedb.hCache hash database
kccommon.hCommon symbols for the library
kccompare.hComparator functions
kccompress.hData compressor and decompressor
kcdb.hDatabase interface
kcdbext.hDatabase extension
kcdirdb.hDirectory hash database
kcfile.hFilesystem abstraction
kchashdb.hFile hash database
kclangc.hC language binding
kcmap.hData mapping structures
kcplantdb.hPlant database
kcpolydb.hPolymorphic database
kcprotodb.hPrototype database
kcregex.hRegular expression
kctextdb.hPlain text database
kcthread.hThreading devices
kcutil.hUtility functions