10 (10) [他] ten
guardian (番人) [名] a person who guards, protects, or preserves something
gate (門) [名] a hinged barrier used to close an opening in a wall, fence, or hedge

 It was some time before the Cowardly Lion awakened, for he had lain among the poppies a long while, breathing in their deadly fragrance;
Cowardly Lion (臆病ライオン) [名] a lion who lacks courage
some time (しばらく) [名] a period of time
long while (長い間) [名] a long period of time
fragrance (香り) [名] a sweet or pleasant smell
but when he did open his eyes and roll off the truck he was very glad to find himself still alive.
roll off (転げ落ちる) [動] to fall off something by rolling

 “I ran as fast as I could,” he said, sitting down and yawning, “but the flowers were too strong for me.
as fast as I could (できるだけ速く) [副] as quickly as possible
How did you get me out?”
how (どのように) [副] in what way or manner
out (外へ) [副] away from the inside of a place

 Then they told him of the field mice, and how they had generously saved him from death;
generously (寛大に) [副] in a generous manner
and the Cowardly Lion laughed, and said,

 “I have always thought myself very big and terrible;
yet such small things as flowers came near to killing me, and such small animals as mice have saved my life.
yet (でも) [接] nevertheless; however; still
such (そのような) [形] of the type previously mentioned
come near to (しそうになる) [動] almost do something
How strange it all is!
But, comrades, what shall we do now?”

 “We must journey on until we find the road of yellow brick again,” said Dorothy;
“and then we can keep on to the Emerald City.”
keep on (行く) [動] continue doing something

 So, the Lion being fully refreshed, and feeling quite himself again, they all started upon the journey, greatly enjoying the walk through the soft, fresh grass;
be refreshed (元気を取り戻す) [動] feel or become refreshed
feel oneself (自分らしくなる) [動] feel normal or healthy again
start upon (始める) [動] begin
enjoy (楽しむ) [動] take delight or pleasure in
and it was not long before they reached the road of yellow brick and turned again toward the Emerald City where the Great Oz dwelt.
not long before (まもなく) [副] soon

 The road was smooth and well paved, now, and the country about was beautiful;
smooth (滑らか) [形] having a surface or texture that is not rough or bumpy
country (田園風景) [名] a large area of land that is a political state or part of a political state
so that the travellers rejoiced in leaving the forest far behind, and with it the many dangers they had met in its gloomy shades.
rejoice (喜ぶ) [動] feel or show great joy or delight
Once more they could see fences built beside the road;
but these were painted green, and when they came to a small house, in which a farmer evidently lived, that also was painted green.
green (緑色) [名] a color intermediate between blue and yellow in the visible spectrum
They passed by several of these houses during the afternoon, and sometimes people came to the doors and looked at them as if they would like to ask questions;
pass by (通り過ぎる) [動] go past
afternoon (午後) [名] the time from noon to evening
but no one came near them nor spoke to them because of the great Lion, of which they were very much afraid.
speak to (話しかける) [動] talk to
The people were all dressed in clothing of a lovely emerald green color and wore peaked hats like those of the Munchkins.
emerald (エメラルド) [名] a green precious stone
peaked (尖った) [形] having a peak

 “This must be the Land of Oz,” said Dorothy, “and we are surely getting near the Emerald City.”

 “Yes,” answered the Scarecrow;
“everything is green here, while in the country of the Munchkins blue was the favorite color.
But the people do not seem to be as friendly as the Munchkins and I’m afraid we shall be unable to find a place to pass the night.”
be unable to (できない) [動] not be able to

 “I should like something to eat besides fruit,” said the girl, “and I’m sure Toto is nearly starved.
like (食べたい) [動] want to have or do
besides (以外に) [前] in addition to; apart from
starve (飢え死にする) [動] suffer or die from lack of food
Let us stop at the next house and talk to the people.”
talk (話す) [動] speak or converse

 So, when they came to a good sized farm house, Dorothy walked boldly up to the door and knocked.
good sized (かなり大きな) [形] fairly large
farm house (農家) [名] a house on a farm
knock (ノックする) [動] strike a surface noisily, especially to attract attention
A woman opened it just far enough to look out, and said,
look out (外を見る) [動] be careful or vigilant

 “What do you want, child, and why is that great Lion with you?”

 “We wish to pass the night with you, if you will allow us,” answered Dorothy;
“and the Lion is my friend and comrade, and would not hurt you for the world.”

 “Is he tame?” asked the woman, opening the door a little wider.
tame (飼いならされている) [形] not wild; domesticated

 “Oh, yes,” said the girl, “and he is a great coward, too;
so that he will be more afraid of you than you are of him.”
so that (だから) [接] with the result or consequence that
you (あなた) [代] the person being spoken to
he (彼) [代] the person being spoken about
more (もっと) [副] to a greater extent

 “Well,” said the woman, after thinking it over and taking another peep at the Lion, “if that is the case you may come in, and I will give you some supper and a place to sleep.”
take a peep (ちらっと見る) [動] look quickly or furtively
come in (入る) [動] go or come inside
give (用意する) [動] freely transfer the possession of

 So they all entered the house, where there were, besides the woman, two children and a man.
The man had hurt his leg, and was lying on the couch in a corner.
couch (ソファ) [名] a long upholstered piece of furniture for several people to sit on
They seemed greatly surprised to see so strange a company, and while the woman was busy laying the table the man asked,
company (一行) [名] a group of people

 “Where are you all going?”

 “To the Emerald City,” said Dorothy, “to see the Great Oz.”

 “Oh, indeed!” exclaimed the man.
“Are you sure that Oz will see you?”
be sure (確信している) [動] to be certain about something

 “Why not?” she replied.
why not (どうして) [副] for what reason not

 “Why, it is said that he never lets anyone come into his presence.
presence (前) [名] the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing
I have been to the Emerald City many times, and it is a beautiful and wonderful place;
many times (何度も) [副] on many occasions
but I have never been permitted to see the Great Oz, nor do I know of any living person who has seen him.”
be permitted to (許される) [動] be allowed to do something
living person (生きた人間) [名] a person who is alive

 “Does he never go out?” asked the Scarecrow.
go out (外出する) [動] leave one's house or place of work

 “Never. He sits day after day in the great Throne Room of his Palace, and even those who wait upon him do not see him face to face.”
day after day (毎日) [副] on each day; every day
Throne Room (玉座の間) [名] a room in a palace where the throne is located
Palace (宮殿) [名] a large, impressive building, usually made of stone, which was historically built for a king or queen
even (でさえ) [副] to a greater extent or degree than is usual or expected
wait upon (仕える) [動] to serve or attend to
face to face (顔を合わせる) [副] in each other's presence

 “What is he like?”
be like (~のような) [動] be similar to
asked the girl.

 “That is hard to tell,” said the man, thoughtfully.
hard to tell (言いにくい) [形] difficult to say
“You see, Oz is a Great Wizard, and can take on any form he wishes.
Great Wizard (大魔法使い) [名] a person with great magical powers
take on (なる) [動] assume the form or character of
So that some say he looks like a bird;
look like (見える) [動] have the appearance of
and some say he looks like an elephant;
and some say he looks like a cat.
To others he appears as a beautiful fairy, or a brownie, or in any other form that pleases him.
to others (他の人には) [副] to other people
appear (見える) [動] be or become visible
brownie (ブラウニー) [名] a small square of rich chocolate cake
But who the real Oz is, when he is in his own form, no living person can tell.”
real (本当の) [形] not imaginary; not artificial; genuine
form (姿) [名] the shape and structure of something
tell (わかる) [動] be able to say for certain; be sure

 “That is very strange,” said Dorothy;
“but we must try, in some way, to see him, or we shall have made our journey for nothing.”

 “Why do you wish to see the terrible Oz?” asked the man.

 “I want him to give me some brains,” said the Scarecrow, eagerly.

 “Oh, Oz could do that easily enough,” declared the man.
“He has more brains than he needs.”
more (以上) [形] greater in amount or degree

 “And I want him to give me a heart,” said the Tin Woodman.

 “That will not trouble him,” continued the man, “for Oz has a large collection of hearts, of all sizes and shapes.”
trouble (問題) [名] difficulty or problems
collection (集まり) [名] a gathering of things
size (大きさ) [名] how big something is
shape (形) [名] the form of something

 “And I want him to give me courage,” said the Cowardly Lion.

 “Oz keeps a great pot of courage in his Throne Room,” said the man, “which he has covered with a golden plate, to keep it from running over.
pot (鍋) [名] a deep, round container with a handle, used for cooking
golden (金の) [形] made of gold
plate (皿) [名] a flat dish with raised edges that is used to hold food
keep from (しないようにする) [動] prevent from doing something
He will be glad to give you some.”
be glad to (喜んで〜する) [動] be happy to do something

 “And I want him to send me back to Kansas,” said Dorothy.

 “Where is Kansas?” asked the man, in surprise.

 “I don’t know,” replied Dorothy, sorrowfully;
sorrowfully (悲しそうに) [副] in a sorrowful manner
“but it is my home, and I’m sure it’s somewhere.”
I'm sure (確かだ) [句] I am certain
somewhere (どこか) [副] in or to some place

 “Very likely. Well, Oz can do anything; so I suppose he will find Kansas for you.
likely (ありそう) [形] probable; expected
well (まあ) [副] to a great extent or degree
But first you must get to see him, and that will be a hard task;
hard (難しい) [形] not easy; requiring much effort
task (仕事) [名] a piece of work to be done
for the Great Wizard does not like to see anyone, and he usually has his own way.
does not like (会いたがらない) [動] not want to do something
usually (たいてい) [副] more often than not
But what do YOU want?” he continued, speaking to Toto.
Toto only wagged his tail;
for, strange to say, he could not speak.
strange to say (不思議なことに) [副] oddly enough
could not (できなかった) [助] be unable to

 The woman now called to them that supper was ready, so they gathered around the table and Dorothy ate some delicious porridge and a dish of scrambled eggs and a plate of nice white bread, and enjoyed her meal.
gather (集まる) [動] come together
porridge (お粥) [名] a food made from oatmeal or another meal or cereal boiled in water or milk
dish (皿) [名] a flat, round container with raised edges that is used to hold or serve food
scrambled eggs (スクランブルエッグ) [名] eggs beaten up and cooked in a frying pan
white bread (白パン) [名] bread made from flour that has had the bran removed
The Lion ate some of the porridge, but did not care for it, saying it was made from oats and oats were food for horses, not for lions.
oats (オート麦) [名] a cereal plant
The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman ate nothing at all.
Toto ate a little of everything, and was glad to get a good supper again.
everything (全部) [名] all the things
be glad (うれしい) [動] feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

 The woman now gave Dorothy a bed to sleep in, and Toto lay down beside her, while the Lion guarded the door of her room so she might not be disturbed.
guard (守る) [動] watch over in order to protect or control
The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman stood up in a corner and kept quiet all night, although of course they could not sleep.
keep quiet (静かにする) [動] be silent or make no noise
all night (一晩中) [副] for the whole night

 The next morning, as soon as the sun was up, they started on their way, and soon saw a beautiful green glow in the sky just before them.
the next morning (翌朝) [名] the morning of the day after the present day
the sun (日) [名] the star that the Earth revolves around
be up (昇る) [動] rise
start on one's way (出発する) [動] begin a journey
glow (輝き) [名] a light that is not very bright

 “That must be the Emerald City,” said Dorothy.

 As they walked on, the green glow became brighter and brighter, and it seemed that at last they were nearing the end of their travels.
walk on (歩き続ける) [動] continue walking
brighter (明るく) [形] giving out or reflecting much light; shining
near (近づく) [動] come close to
Yet it was afternoon before they came to the great wall that surrounded the City.
great wall (大きな城壁) [名] a large wall
It was high, and thick, and of a bright green color.
high (高い) [形] of great vertical extent

 In front of them, and at the end of the road of yellow brick, was a big gate, all studded with emeralds that glittered so in the sun that even the painted eyes of the Scarecrow were dazzled by their brilliancy.
in front of (前方) [前] in the space directly ahead of
at the end of (終わり) [前] at the final point of
big gate (大きな門) [名] a large door that swings open and shut
glitter (輝く) [動] shine brightly
dazzle (目がくらむ) [動] to be overwhelmed by something
brilliancy (輝き) [名] the quality of being bright

 There was a bell beside the gate, and Dorothy pushed the button and heard a silvery tinkle sound within.
button (ボタン) [名] a small round object that is sewn onto a garment, either to fasten it or as an ornament
silvery (銀色の) [形] having a color or luster like that of silver
tinkle (音) [名] a light, clear ringing sound, as of a small bell
Then the big gate swung slowly open, and they all passed through and found themselves in a high arched room, the walls of which glistened with countless emeralds.
swing (開く) [動] move or cause to move back and forth or from side to side
find oneself (いる) [動] be in a particular place or situation
arched (アーチ型の) [形] having the form of an arch

 Before them stood a little man about the same size as the Munchkins.
about (くらい) [前] approximately
He was clothed all in green, from his head to his feet, and even his skin was of a greenish tint.
clothe (着る) [動] put clothes on
skin (肌) [名] the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal
greenish (緑がかった) [形] somewhat green
At his side was a large green box.
at one's side (横に) [副] next to someone
box (箱) [名] a container with a flat base and sides, typically with a lid

 When he saw Dorothy and her companions the man asked,

 “What do you wish in the Emerald City?”

 “We came here to see the Great Oz,” said Dorothy.

 The man was so surprised at this answer that he sat down to think it over.
be surprised at (驚く) [動] feel or show surprise

 “It has been many years since anyone asked me to see Oz,” he said, shaking his head in perplexity.
perplexity (困惑) [名] the state of being puzzled or confused
“He is powerful and terrible, and if you come on an idle or foolish errand to bother the wise reflections of the Great Wizard, he might be angry and destroy you all in an instant.”
idle (怠惰な) [形] avoiding work or effort
foolish (愚かな) [形] lacking good sense or judgment
errand (用事) [名] a short journey undertaken to deliver or collect something
bother (邪魔する) [動] give trouble to
wise (賢い) [形] having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment
reflection (考え) [名] a result of meditation; a thought or opinion
destroy (滅ぼす) [動] cause the destruction of

 “But it is not a foolish errand, nor an idle one,” replied the Scarecrow;
“it is important.
And we have been told that Oz is a good Wizard.”

 “So he is,” said the green man, “and he rules the Emerald City wisely and well.
rule (治める) [動] exercise authority or power over
wisely (賢く) [副] in a wise manner
But to those who are not honest, or who approach him from curiosity, he is most terrible, and few have ever dared ask to see his face.
honest (正直な) [形] truthful and sincere
I am the Guardian of the Gate, and since you demand to see the Great Oz I must take you to his Palace.
Guardian of the Gate (門の番人) [名] the person who guards the gate
But first you must put on the spectacles.”
put on (かける) [動] place on one's body
spectacle (眼鏡) [名] a device consisting of two lenses and a frame held by a bridge over the nose and temples that is used to correct vision or protect the eyes

 “Why?” asked Dorothy.

 “Because if you did not wear spectacles the brightness and glory of the Emerald City would blind you.
brightness (輝き) [名] the state or quality of being bright
glory (栄光) [名] high renown or honor won by notable achievements
blind (目がくらむ) [動] make unable to see
Even those who live in the City must wear spectacles night and day.
those (人々) [名] the people or things previously mentioned
spectacles (眼鏡) [名] a pair of lenses in a frame that are held in front of a person's eyes by a bridge over the nose and arms which rest over or behind the ears, used to correct or assist vision
They are all locked on, for Oz so ordered it when the City was first built, and I have the only key that will unlock them.”
key (鍵) [名] a small piece of shaped metal with incisions cut to fit the wards of a particular lock
unlock (開ける) [動] release the lock of

 He opened the big box, and Dorothy saw that it was filled with spectacles of every size and shape.
every (あらゆる) [形] each and all of a group or class
All of them had green glasses in them.
all of (どれも) [代] the whole of
glass (ガラス) [名] a hard and brittle substance consisting of a mixture of silicates and other compounds
The Guardian of the Gate found a pair that would just fit Dorothy and put them over her eyes.
Guardian of the Gate (門番) [名] a person who guards a gate
pair (一組) [名] two things of the same type that are used together
There were two golden bands fastened to them that passed around the back of her head, where they were locked together by a little key that was at the end of a chain the Guardian of the Gate wore around his neck.
band (バンド) [名] a thin, flat, flexible strip or loop of material
back (後ろ) [名] the part of the body of a person or animal that is opposite or farthest from the front
chain (鎖) [名] a series of connected metal links
When they were on, Dorothy could not take them off had she wished, but of course she did not want to be blinded by the glare of the Emerald City, so she said nothing.
when (すると) [接] at or during the time that
on (かける) [動] put on
take off (外す) [動] remove
be blinded (目が見えなくなる) [動] lose one's sight
glare (まぶしさ) [名] a bright light, especially one that shines directly into your eyes
say nothing (何も言わない) [動] remain silent

 Then the green man fitted spectacles for the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman and the Lion, and even on little Toto;
green man (緑の男) [名] a man who is green
and all were locked fast with the key.

 Then the Guardian of the Gate put on his own glasses and told them he was ready to show them to the Palace.
glass (眼鏡) [名] a device consisting of two or more lenses in a frame that holds them in front of a person's eyes, typically used to correct vision
show (案内する) [動] to guide or direct
Taking a big golden key from a peg on the wall he opened another gate, and they all followed him through the portal into the streets of the Emerald City.
portal (門) [名] a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and impressive one
street (通り) [名] a road in a city, town, or village, typically with houses and buildings on one or both sides