Chapter XXIX: Diana’s Wedding
Chapter XXIX (第29章) [名] the 29th chapter
Diana's Wedding (ダイアナの結婚式) [名] the wedding of Diana
第29章: ダイアナの結婚式

 “After all, the only real roses are the pink ones,” said Anne, as she tied white ribbon around Diana’s bouquet in the westward-looking gable at Orchard Slope.
bouquet (ブーケ) [名] a bunch of flowers
“They are the flowers of love and faith.”

 Diana was standing nervously in the middle of the room, arrayed in her bridal white, her black curls frosted over with the film of her wedding veil.
nervously (緊張して) [副] in a nervous manner
array (まとい) [動] dress or decorate in an impressive or splendid way
black (黒) [名] the darkest color
frost (覆う) [動] cover with frost
Anne had draped that veil, in accordance with the sentimental compact of years before.
drape (かぶせる) [動] cover or decorate with a cloth or other material
accordance (従って) [名] the state of being in agreement or harmony
sentimental (感傷的な) [形] having or showing a tendency to be influenced by emotions
compact (約束) [名] an agreement or contract between two or more parties

 “It’s all pretty much as I used to imagine it long ago, when I wept over your inevitable marriage and our consequent parting,” she laughed.
inevitable (避けられない) [形] certain to happen; unavoidable
consequent (それに伴う) [形] following as a result or effect
“You are the bride of my dreams, Diana, with the ‘lovely misty veil’; and I am your bridesmaid.
But, alas! I haven’t the puffed sleeves—though these short lace ones are even prettier.
alas (ああ) [間] an expression of grief, regret, or disappointment
puffed sleeve (パフスリーブ) [名] a sleeve gathered into a band at the shoulder and gathered or pleated into a band at the wrist
short (短い) [形] having little length
でも、ああ! 私はパフスリーブを着ていないよ。この短いレースの袖の方がもっときれいだけど。
Neither is my heart wholly breaking nor do I exactly hate Fred.”
break (壊れる) [動] separate into pieces as a result of impact or stress

 “We are not really parting, Anne,” protested Diana.
not really (本当に~わけではない) [副] not in fact; not actually
“I’m not going far away.
We’ll love each other just as much as ever.
We’ve always kept that ‘oath’ of friendship we swore long ago, haven’t we?”
keep (守る) [動] to continue to have, do, or be
oath (誓い) [名] a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one's future action or behavior

 “Yes. We’ve kept it faithfully.
We’ve had a beautiful friendship, Diana.
have (築いてきた) [動] experience; undergo
We’ve never marred it by one quarrel or coolness or unkind word;
coolness (冷たさ) [名] the quality of being cold
unkind (不親切な) [形] lacking in kindness or sympathy
and I hope it will always be so.
But things can’t be quite the same after this.
can't (あり得ない) [助] be not able to
quite (全く) [副] to the fullest extent
You’ll have other interests.
have (出てくる) [動] come into existence or become available
I’ll just be on the outside.
be on the outside (外側にいる) [動] be excluded from a group or activity
But ‘such is life’ as Mrs. Rachel says.
such is life (人生とはそういうもの) [名] an expression of resignation or acceptance of the inevitable
Mrs. Rachel has given you one of her beloved knitted quilts of the ‘tobacco stripe’ pattern, and she says when I am married she’ll give me one, too.”
knitted (編み) [形] made by knitting
married (結婚) [名] the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law

 “The mean thing about your getting married is that I won’t be able to be your bridesmaid,” lamented Diana.
lament (嘆く) [動] express great regret or guilt

 “I’m to be Phil’s bridesmaid next June, when she marries Mr. Blake, and then I must stop, for you know the proverb ‘three times a bridesmaid, never a bride,’” said Anne, peeping through the window over the pink and snow of the blossoming orchard beneath.
next June (来年の6月) [名] the month after May
proverb (ことわざ) [名] a short, well-known saying that states a general truth or piece of advice
“Here comes the minister, Diana.”

 “Oh, Anne,” gasped Diana, suddenly turning very pale and beginning to tremble.
turn pale (青ざめる) [動] become pale
“Oh, Anne—I’m so nervous—I can’t go through with it—Anne, I know I’m going to faint.”
go through with (やり通す) [動] to complete or continue something that is difficult or unpleasant
faint (気絶する) [動] lose consciousness temporarily

 “If you do I’ll drag you down to the rainwater hogshed and drop you in,” said Anne unsympathetically.
rainwater (雨水) [名] water that falls from the sky as rain
hogshed (小屋) [名] a small building for housing livestock
unsympathetically (冷たく) [副] without sympathy
“Cheer up, dearest.
dearest (愛しい人) [名] a person who is very dear to one
Getting married can’t be so very terrible when so many people survive the ceremony.
survive (乗り越える) [動] continue to live or exist
See how cool and composed I am, and take courage.”
cool (冷静な) [形] having or showing little or no emotion or excitement
composed (落ち着いた) [形] having or showing a calm and confident manner
take courage (勇気を出す) [動] to become brave

 “Wait till your turn comes, Miss Anne.
turn (番) [名] an opportunity to do something
Oh, Anne, I hear father coming upstairs.
Give me my bouquet.
bouquet (花束) [名] a bunch of flowers arranged together
Is my veil right?
right (大丈夫) [形] satisfactory; in good condition
Am I very pale?”
be pale (青白い) [動] lack color

 “You look just lovely.
Di, darling, kiss me good-bye for the last time.
Di (ダイ) [名] a nickname for Diana
darling (ダーリン) [名] a term of endearment
Diana Barry will never kiss me again.”

 “Diana Wright will, though.
Diana Wright (ダイアナ・ライト) [名] a character in the story
will (してくれる) [助] be going to; intend to
There, mother’s calling.
there (ほら) [間] used to attract someone's attention

 Following the simple, old-fashioned way in vogue then, Anne went down to the parlor on Gilbert’s arm.
vogue (流行) [名] the prevailing fashion or style
They met at the top of the stairs for the first time since they had left Kingsport, for Gilbert had arrived only that day.
Gilbert shook hands courteously.
He was looking very well, though, as Anne instantly noted, rather thin.
He was not pale; there was a flush on his cheek that had burned into it as Anne came along the hall towards him, in her soft, white dress with lilies-of-the-valley in the shining masses of her hair.
burn (火照る) [動] to be on fire
come along (歩いてくる) [動] to move or travel in a specified direction
towards (に向かって) [前] in the direction of
lily-of-the-valley (スズラン) [名] a plant with small, white, bell-shaped flowers
As they entered the crowded parlor together a little murmur of admiration ran around the room.
run (走る) [動] move at a speed faster than a walk
“What a fine-looking pair they are,” whispered the impressible Mrs. Rachel to Marilla.
fine-looking (素敵な) [形] very attractive
pair (二人) [名] two people
impressible (感動的な) [形] easily impressed

 Fred ambled in alone, with a very red face, and then Diana swept in on her father’s arm.
amble (のろのろと歩く) [動] walk slowly and in a relaxed way
She did not faint, and nothing untoward occurred to interrupt the ceremony.
untoward (不都合な) [形] inappropriate or undesirable
occur (起こる) [動] come about; happen
interrupt (中断する) [動] cause a break in the continuity of
ceremony (式) [名] a formal religious or public occasion
Feasting and merry-making followed;
feasting (宴会) [名] a large meal, typically a formal one, for many people
merry-making (お祝い) [名] the activity of having fun and enjoying oneself
then, as the evening waned, Fred and Diana drove away through the moonlight to their new home, and Gilbert walked with Anne to Green Gables.
drive away (馬車で向かう) [動] leave a place in a vehicle
new home (新しい家) [名] a house that has recently been built or bought

 Something of their old comradeship had returned during the informal mirth of the evening.
Oh, it was nice to be walking over that well-known road with Gilbert again!
walk over (歩く) [動] move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once

 The night was so very still that one should have been able to hear the whisper of roses in blossom—the laughter of daisies—the piping of grasses—many sweet sounds, all tangled up together.
still (静か) [形] making little or no noise
whisper (ささやき) [名] a soft or confidential tone of voice
blossom (花開く) [動] to produce flowers
daisy (ヒナギク) [名] a common European plant with white petals and a yellow center
piping (笛の音) [名] the sound of a pipe
tangle (混ざり合う) [動] to twist or become twisted together in a confused mass
The beauty of moonlight on familiar fields irradiated the world.
irradiate (照らす) [動] to treat with radiation

 “Can’t we take a ramble up Lovers’ Lane before you go in?” asked Gilbert as they crossed the bridge over the Lake of Shining Waters, in which the moon lay like a great, drowned blossom of gold.
take a ramble (散歩する) [動] walk in a leisurely way
Lovers' Lane (恋人の小道) [名] a path or road that is a popular place for lovers to walk
lay (浮かぶ) [動] be in a resting position

 Anne assented readily.
assent (同意する) [動] express approval or agreement
readily (すぐに) [副] without difficulty or hesitation
Lovers’ Lane was a veritable path in a fairyland that night—a shimmering, mysterious place, full of wizardry in the white-woven enchantment of moonlight.
veritable (まさに) [形] real; true
path (小道) [名] a track or way made by people walking
shimmering (きらめく) [形] shining or glowing with a soft light
mysterious (神秘的な) [形] having an unknown cause or origin
wizardry (魔法) [名] the art or practice of magic
white-woven (白い) [形] made of white material
There had been a time when such a walk with Gilbert through Lovers’ Lane would have been far too dangerous.
far (あまりにも) [副] to a great extent; very much
But Roy and Christine had made it very safe now.
Christine (クリスティン) [名] a female given name
Anne found herself thinking a good deal about Christine as she chatted lightly to Gilbert.
chat (おしゃべりする) [動] talk in a light and informal way
She had met her several times before leaving Kingsport, and had been charmingly sweet to her.
charmingly (とても) [副] in a charming manner
Christine had also been charmingly sweet.
be also (も) [副] in addition; too; as well
Indeed, they were a most cordial pair.
cordial (仲の良い) [形] warm and friendly
pair (夫婦) [名] two people who are married or otherwise closely associated
But for all that, their acquaintance had not ripened into friendship.
for all that (それだけのことで) [副] despite that
ripen (熟す) [動] become mature or ripe
Evidently Christine was not a kindred spirit.

 “Are you going to be in Avonlea all summer?”
asked Gilbert.

 “No. I’m going down east to Valley Road next week.
Valley Road (ヴァレー・ロード) [名] a road in the valley
Esther Haythorne wants me to teach for her through July and August.
Esther Haythorne (エスター・ヘイソーン) [名] a character in the story
through (の間) [前] from beginning to end of (a period of time)
They have a summer term in that school, and Esther isn’t feeling well.
have a summer term (夏学期がある) [動] have a summer term
Esther (エスター) [名] a female given name
feel well (気分がいい) [動] be in good health
So I’m going to substitute for her.
substitute (代わりに行く) [動] take the place of
In one way I don’t mind.
in one way (ある意味) [副] in a way; to some extent
Do you know, I’m beginning to feel a little bit like a stranger in Avonlea now?
begin to (~し始める) [動] start to do something
feel like (~のような気がする) [動] have a feeling or impression of
It makes me sorry—but it’s true.
sorry (悲しい) [形] feeling sorrow or sympathy
It’s quite appalling to see the number of children who have shot up into big boys and girls—really young men and women—these past two years.
number (数) [名] a quantity of something
shoot up (成長する) [動] grow rapidly
Half of my pupils are grown up.
It makes me feel awfully old to see them in the places you and I and our mates used to fill.”
fill (いる) [動] be present in or at

 Anne laughed and sighed.
She felt very old and mature and wise—which showed how young she was.
mature (大人) [形] having reached full development
She told herself that she longed greatly to go back to those dear merry days when life was seen through a rosy mist of hope and illusion, and possessed an indefinable something that had passed away forever.
be seen through (を通して見られる) [動] be perceived or understood
rosy mist (バラ色の霧) [名] a reddish mist
illusion (幻想) [名] a false or unreal perception of something
Where was it now—the glory and the dream?

 “‘So wags the world away,’” quoted Gilbert practically, and a trifle absently.
wag (過ぎ去る) [動] move or cause to move up and down or from side to side
practically (現実的に) [副] in a practical manner
trifle (少し) [名] something of little value or importance
Anne wondered if he were thinking of Christine.
Oh, Avonlea was going to be so lonely now—with Diana gone!
lonely (寂しい) [形] without company; solitary