Chapter XXVI: Enter Christine
Chapter XXVI (第26章) [名] the 26th chapter
第26章: クリスティン登場

 The girls at Patty’s Place were dressing for the reception which the Juniors were giving for the Seniors in February.
reception (レセプション) [名] a social gathering, as a party, for the purpose of welcoming guests or new members
Junior (後輩) [名] a person who is younger or has less experience than somebody else
February (2月) [名] the second month of the year
Anne surveyed herself in the mirror of the blue room with girlish satisfaction.
girlish (少女らしい) [形] like a girl
She had a particularly pretty gown on.
have on (着ている) [動] be wearing
gown (ドレス) [名] a long dress, especially a formal one
Originally it had been only a simple little slip of cream silk with a chiffon overdress.
originally (元々) [副] at or from the beginning
slip (スリップ) [名] a woman's undergarment
chiffon (シフォン) [名] a light, transparent fabric of silk, nylon, or other synthetic fiber
overdress (オーバードレス) [名] a dress worn over another dress
But Phil had insisted on taking it home with her in the Christmas holidays and embroidering tiny rosebuds all over the chiffon.
take home (持ち帰る) [動] bring something to one's home
rosebud (バラのつぼみ) [名] the bud of a rose
Phil’s fingers were deft, and the result was a dress which was the envy of every Redmond girl.
deft (器用な) [形] skillful or quick in movement
Even Allie Boone, whose frocks came from Paris, was wont to look with longing eyes on that rosebud concoction as Anne trailed up the main staircase at Redmond in it.
Allie Boone (アリー・ブーン) [名] a character in the story
Paris (パリ) [名] the capital of France
frock (ドレス) [名] a woman's dress
wont (~する習慣がある) [形] accustomed; used
look with longing eyes (羨望の眼差しで見ている) [動] look at something with a strong desire to have it
concoction (ドレス) [名] a mixture of various ingredients or elements
trail up (上っていく) [動] go up slowly or with difficulty
main staircase (大階段) [名] the largest or most important staircase in a building

 Anne was trying the effect of a white orchid in her hair.
Roy Gardner had sent her white orchids for the reception, and she knew no other Redmond girl would have them that night—when Phil came in with admiring gaze.
white orchid (白い蘭) [名] a type of flower
admiring gaze (感心したように見つめる) [名] a look of admiration

 “Anne, this is certainly your night for looking handsome.
Nine nights out of ten I can easily outshine you.
out of (のうち) [前] from a group of
outshine (目立つ) [動] be more brilliant or successful than
The tenth you blossom out suddenly into something that eclipses me altogether.
tenth (十回目) [名] the number 10 in a series
blossom out (花開く) [動] to develop or come into existence
eclipse (かすませる) [動] to make something seem less important or impressive
How do you manage it?”
manage (どうやる) [動] be in charge of or responsible for

 “It’s the dress, dear. Fine feathers.”

 “’Tisn’t. The last evening you flamed out into beauty you wore your old blue flannel shirtwaist that Mrs. Lynde made you.
last evening (昨日の夜) [名] the evening of the day before today
flame out (輝く) [動] to burn brightly and then go out
shirtwaist (シャツウェスト) [名] a woman's tailored shirt with a bodice and a skirt
If Roy hadn’t already lost head and heart about you he certainly would tonight.
lose one's head (夢中になる) [動] become very excited or anxious
But I don’t like orchids on you, Anne.
orchid (蘭) [名] a plant with colorful and often fragrant flowers
on (似合う) [前] to be suitable for
No; it isn’t jealousy.
jealousy (嫉妬) [名] a feeling of resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages
Orchids don’t seem to belong to you.
belong to (似合う) [動] be appropriate for
They’re too exotic—too tropical—too insolent.
exotic (エキゾチックな) [形] originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country
tropical (熱帯的な) [形] relating to the tropics
insolent (傲慢な) [形] boldly disrespectful
Don’t put them in your hair, anyway.”

 “Well, I won’t. I admit I’m not fond of orchids myself.
fond of (好き) [形] having a strong liking for
I don’t think they’re related to me.
be related to (関係がある) [動] be connected with or relevant to
Roy doesn’t often send them—he knows I like flowers I can live with.
Orchids are only things you can visit with.”

 “Jonas sent me some dear pink rosebuds for the evening—but—he isn’t coming himself.
He said he had to lead a prayer-meeting in the slums!
slum (スラム街) [名] a squalid and overcrowded urban area inhabited by very poor people
I don’t believe he wanted to come.
Anne, I’m horribly afraid Jonas doesn’t really care anything about me.
And I’m trying to decide whether I’ll pine away and die, or go on and get my B.A. and be sensible and useful.”
pine away (恋い焦がれる) [動] to suffer from a broken heart
be sensible (賢くなる) [動] to be wise or reasonable
be useful (役に立つ) [動] to be of service or advantage

 “You couldn’t possibly be sensible and useful, Phil, so you’d better pine away and die,” said Anne cruelly.

 “Heartless Anne!”
heartless (心のない) [形] lacking feeling or warmth

 “Silly Phil! You know quite well that Jonas loves you.”
quite well (よく) [副] to a great extent or degree
「愚かなフィリパ! ジョナスがあなたを愛していることはよく知っているよ。」

 “But—he won’t tell me so.
And I can’t make him.
He looks it, I’ll admit.
But speak-to-me-only-with-thine-eyes isn’t a really reliable reason for embroidering doilies and hemstitching tablecloths.
speak-to-me-only-with-thine-eyes (私に語りかけるのはあなたの目だけ) [名] a phrase used to describe the act of communicating with someone using only one's eyes
doily (ドイリー) [名] a small decorative mat
hemstitch (ヘムステッチ) [動] a decorative stitch used to finish a hem
tablecloth (テーブルクロス) [名] a cloth used to cover a table
I don’t want to begin such work until I’m really engaged.
It would be tempting Fate.”
fate (運命) [名] the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power

 “Mr. Blake is afraid to ask you to marry him, Phil.
marry (結婚) [動] get in a relationship with someone
He is poor and can’t offer you a home such as you’ve always had.
offer (提供する) [動] present for consideration, discussion, or use
You know that is the only reason he hasn’t spoken long ago.”

 “I suppose so,” agreed Phil dolefully.
“Well”—brightening up—“if he won’t ask me to marry him I’ll ask him, that’s all.
brighten up (明るくなる) [動] become more cheerful
that's all (それだけだ) [句] that is all there is to it
So it’s bound to come right.
be bound to (決まっている) [助] be certain to; be sure to
I won’t worry.
By the way, Gilbert Blythe is going about constantly with Christine Stuart.
Christine Stuart (クリスティン・スチュアート) [名] a character in the story
Did you know?”

 Anne was trying to fasten a little gold chain about her throat.
fasten (留める) [動] attach or join securely
gold (金の) [形] made of gold
chain (鎖) [名] a series of connected metal links
throat (首) [名] the front of the neck
She suddenly found the clasp difficult to manage.
difficult (扱いにくい) [形] hard to do or deal with
What was the matter with it—or with her fingers?
matter (具合) [名] the situation or state of affairs

 “No,” she said carelessly.
carelessly (さりげなく) [副] without care or concern
“Who is Christine Stuart?”

 “Ronald Stuart’s sister.
Ronald Stuart's (ロナルド・スチュアートの) [名] Ronald Stuart's
She’s in Kingsport this winter studying music.
I haven’t seen her, but they say she’s very pretty and that Gilbert is quite crazy over her.
crazy (夢中) [形] mad; insane; foolish
How angry I was when you refused Gilbert, Anne.
But Roy Gardner was foreordained for you.
foreordain (運命づける) [動] determine or decree in advance
I can see that now.
can see (わかる) [動] be able to understand or comprehend
You were right, after all.”

 Anne did not blush, as she usually did when the girls assumed that her eventual marriage to Roy Gardner was a settled thing.
usually (いつものように) [副] normally; generally
assume (言う) [動] suppose to be the case, without proof
eventual (決まった) [形] happening or existing at the end of a process
All at once she felt rather dull.
Phil’s chatter seemed trivial and the reception a bore.
trivial (些細な) [形] of little value or importance
bore (退屈) [名] a person or thing that causes boredom
She boxed poor Rusty’s ears.

 “Get off that cushion instantly, you cat, you!
get off (降りる) [動] leave a vehicle
Why don’t you stay down where you belong?”
stay down (いない) [動] remain in a lower position
belong (いるべき) [動] be a member of or have a rightful place in

 Anne picked up her orchids and went downstairs, where Aunt Jamesina was presiding over a row of coats hung before the fire to warm.
pick up (拾い上げる) [動] lift or take up
preside over (監督する) [動] be in charge of
warm (暖める) [動] make or become warm
Roy Gardner was waiting for Anne and teasing the Sarah-cat while he waited.
The Sarah-cat did not approve of him.
She always turned her back on him.
But everybody else at Patty’s Place liked him very much.
Aunt Jamesina, carried away by his unfailing and deferential courtesy, and the pleading tones of his delightful voice, declared he was the nicest young man she ever knew, and that Anne was a very fortunate girl.
carry away (夢中になる) [動] to be so affected by an emotion that you cannot think or act sensibly
unfailing (絶え間ない) [形] never failing; always reliable
deferential (敬意ある) [形] showing respect
courtesy (礼儀正しさ) [名] polite behavior that shows respect for other people
nicest (一番素敵な) [形] most pleasant or attractive
fortunate (幸運な) [形] having or bringing good luck
Such remarks made Anne restive.
remark (発言) [名] a comment or statement
restive (落ち着かない) [形] restless or impatient
Roy’s wooing had certainly been as romantic as girlish heart could desire, but—she wished Aunt Jamesina and the girls would not take things so for granted.
wooing (求愛) [名] the action of wooing someone
take for granted (当たり前のことと考え) [動] assume that something is true or will happen without questioning it
When Roy murmured a poetical compliment as he helped her on with her coat, she did not blush and thrill as usual;
coat (コート) [名] a garment worn on top of other clothes for warmth
thrill (ぞくぞくする) [動] feel a sudden strong feeling of excitement or pleasure
and he found her rather silent in their brief walk to Redmond.
silent (無口) [形] not making or accompanied by any sound
brief (短い) [形] short in duration
He thought she looked a little pale when she came out of the coeds’ dressing room;
but as they entered the reception room her color and sparkle suddenly returned to her.
enter (入る) [動] go or come in
reception room (レセプションルーム) [名] a room in a hotel or other public building where guests or visitors are received
She turned to Roy with her gayest expression.
turn to (向き直る) [動] change direction so as to face
He smiled back at her with what Phil called “his deep, black, velvety smile.”
smile back (微笑み返す) [動] smile in return
Yet she really did not see Roy at all.
not see (見ていなかった) [動] fail to notice or realize
She was acutely conscious that Gilbert was standing under the palms just across the room talking to a girl who must be Christine Stuart.
be conscious (意識する) [動] be aware of and responding to one's surroundings

 She was very handsome, in the stately style destined to become rather massive in middle life.
middle life (中年期) [名] the period of life from about 45 to 65
A tall girl, with large dark-blue eyes, ivory outlines, and a gloss of darkness on her smooth hair.
dark-blue (濃い青い) [形] of a dark shade of blue
ivory (象牙色の) [形] of the color of ivory

 “She looks just as I’ve always wanted to look,” thought Anne miserably.
“Rose-leaf complexion—starry violet eyes—raven hair—yes, she has them all.
rose-leaf (バラの花びらのような) [形] resembling a rose leaf
violet (すみれ色の) [形] of a color intermediate between blue and red in the visible spectrum
raven (漆黒の) [形] of a glossy black color
It’s a wonder her name isn’t Cordelia Fitzgerald into the bargain!
Cordelia Fitzgerald (コーデリア・フィッツジェラルド) [名] a name
But I don’t believe her figure is as good as mine, and her nose certainly isn’t.”

 Anne felt a little comforted by this conclusion.
comforted (慰められる) [動] be consoled or reassured