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Hato Sable

This is a sample Wiki article. Hato Sable (pigeon sable) is a flagship product of Toshimaya and is often used as a souvenir of Kamakura renowned for its simplicity and elegance in taste.

Hato Sable is not only delicious with its simple and refined taste, but its can is also remarkable. Since ancient times, it has been considered ideal for storing accumulated letters from correspondence, love letters stored in shoeboxes, and snapshots of youth. Its ample size and high sealing ability ensure that the contents and the memories associated with them are revived even after decades when discovered.

Can of Hato Sable


Hato Sable originates from biscuits given to Kubota Kyujiro, the first-generation owner of Thoshimaya, by a foreign customer. It is made using the following ingredients:


During the initial release in the late Meiji era, Hato Sable was also known as "Hato Saburou."


Hato Sable 10-piece bag¥1350
Hato Sable 4-piece tote bag¥615
Hato Sable 16-piece can¥2430

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