Tutorial of BikiBikiBob

How to install and operate the most minimalistic CMS

What is BikiBikiBob

BikiBikiBob is arguably the simplest CMS (Content Management System) in the world. You can operate a website just by running a converter that transforms text files into HTML.

Instead of editing content on the web, the intended workflow involves logging into the server via a terminal, rewriting text files with an editor, and then exporting them as HTML. This method is convenient for individuals managing small-scale sites.

☞ Five Key Features of BikiBikiBob
Five Key Features of BikiBikiBob
1. UNIX-ism: You can edit using your preferred editor. Combine with various UNIX tools for efficiency and automation.
2. Static: Since it only involves exporting and serving HTML files, the server's operational load is minimal. No database is required, making both implementation and management simple.
3. Structured: It allows inter-page linking like a wiki and arranges articles by date like a blog. It includes comprehensive reference features like a table of contents and tag search.
4. Logical: Article data is structured logically while maintaining sufficient design capabilities. Customizing by modifying CSS and JS is easy.
5. Extensible: Additional features such as share buttons, comments, full-text search, etc., are convenient. File management can also be done within the browser.
☞ Who Should Use This?
Who Should Use This?
Those who find copying and pasting documents written in Emacs or Vi into a browser troublesome.
Those who own their server but find it unnecessary to pay for other services.
Those who feel uneasy about vendor lock-in for their data.
Those who find managing WordPress too cumbersome.
Those who are skeptical about expressing paragraph breaks with <br/> elements.
Those who want to systematically manage each article because blog posts tend to quickly flow away and get forgotten.
Those who want to manage article files with version control systems like Git.
Those who want to embed data from existing image management services in articles.


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Open Source

BikiBikiBob is open-source software licensed under Apache 2.0. It is developed and maintained by Mikio Hirabayashi. It is available on the GitHub repository. Please direct any questions or comments there.